The house that was once filled with laughter

was now eerily silent.  She walked through

each room, smiling as the memories flooded

her mind.  This was her childhood home and

where she spent the happiest years of her life.

Selling it was the hardest thing she ever had

To do but now that both of her parents had

passed away, it was time to say goodbye.

She hoped and prayed that the new owners

Would take very good care of it and that they

Would be as blessed as she and her family

Were when they lived there.  Most of her

Friends in the neighborhood had moved

Away.  She still kept in touch with some of them.

She walked into her old bedroom which she

Loved and where she spent a lot of time,

Talking on the phone, writing in her diary

And daydreaming about the guy who used to

Live across the street.  He had to be the most

Handsome guy she had ever seen in her life.

She knew that he was older than her because

He was finishing his last year in university when

She was in her senior year at high school. Besides,

She found out his age from one of her friends

Who seemed to know everything about every-

Body in the neighborhood.

She smiled now as she remembered how every

Evening,  she would sit outside on the porch

With a book, pretending to be reading when

She was really keeping a watchful eye on

His house, waiting for him to go home. And

When she saw his tall frame coming up the

Street her heart began to pound wildly.

She held the book up to her face but her

Eyes peered over it.

As he was about to Turn and jaunt up the stairs,

he glanced Over at her.  He’s looking over, she

Thought, excited.  She was tempted to

Put down her book and wave at him

But decided that wouldn’t be cool.  Older

Guys like him like sophisticated girls who

Didn’t make it obvious that they were

Interested.  She watched as he went up

The stairs and inside the house.

She ran into the house and straight to the

Phone to call her friend, Lacey who knew

Everything about everybody and told her

What just happened.  Lacey suggested that

The two of them could stop by his house

Right then and visit.  Her heart lurched at

The idea and at first she protested very

Strongly but after Lacey explained that

she knew his mother and had been to see

her on more than one occasion and that

the woman wouldn’t mind if she were to

stop by now with a friend, she agreed.

After hanging up the phone, she went and

Took a quick shower.  She put on a nice

Summer dress which flattered her figure

And coloring and then she went on to the

Porch to wait for Lacey who arrived five

Minutes later.  Lacey whistled when she

Saw her.  “You’re all dressed up,” she

Remarked.  “You’ve really got a thing for

Him, don’t you?”

“Does he have a girlfriend?” she asked,

Bracing herself for the answer.  She had

Never seen him with anyone but that

Didn’t mean that he wasn’t dating.

Lacey shook her head.  “I don’t think so.  Let’s

Go.  I can’t stay long. I still have homework

To do and I have a Biology test tomorrow.”

“Okay. How long can you stay?”

“About forty-five minutes.”

They left the porch and as she followed Lacey,

Her heart began to beat really fast and her palms

Felt sweaty.  She was so nervous.  After years

Of watching him from a distance, she was

Finally going to see the object of her affection

Face to face.  She had to act cool and mature-

Not like the love sick school girl she was.

She watched as Lacey rang the doorbell and

Waited with abated breath for someone to

Answer.  When the door opened, she felt her

Breath catch in her throat when he stood there

In its aperture, looking down at them.  First,

He looked at Lacey and then at her.  He seemed

To tower over them and this close he was

Extremely good-looking.  He had the most

Incredible eyes.  She heard Lacey, say, “Hi

Rufus.  We’re here to visit your Mom. Is she


He nodded.  “Yes, she’s out in the backyard.”

“Oh, this is my friend, Yvonne.  She lives over

There,” she added, pointing across the street.

He looked at her and said, “Yes, I know.  It’s

Nice to meet you, Yvonne,” holding out his

Hand.  She put hers in it and his fingers closed

About hers in a firm handshake before releasing

Her hand.  Then, he stepped Aside for them to go

inside.  After he closed The door he offered to take

them out to The backyard.  Yvonne followed him

on Trembling legs.

The visit with his mother turned out be very

Pleasant and they ended up staying for an hour.

She was a really sweet lady who loved the Lord

and shared stories of how He took care of her and

worked miracles in her life.  After having tea and

scones, they left, promising to visit again soon.  Rufus

saw them to the door.  As he said goodbye, his gaze

lingered on Yvonne who felt shy and flattered.

When they were out of ear shot, Lacey, glanced

At her, her face beaming.  “I saw the way Rufus

Was looking at you,” she exclaimed.  “He likes


Heart pounding and eyes shining, Yvonne

Agreed with her.  “Yes, he does.”  She could

Hardly believe it.  The university guy she had

Admired and adored from afar was interested

In her.  That evening she could think of nothing

Else but Rufus and wondered when he would ask

Her out on a date.  Sleep evaded her for a while

As she lay there in the dark bedroom, staring

Dreamily up at the ceiling.  She didn’t have to

Wait long.  The next time she visited his mother

With Lacey, he drew her aside and asked her

To go out with him.

A sound behind her brought her out of her

Reverie and she turned, smiling when

Her husband stepped into the room.  When

He joined her at the window, she put her

Arms around his neck.  “I was just thinking

About when you asked me out on our first

Date,” she told him.

Rufus smiled.  “That was twenty years ago.”

“Yes, it was but I remember it as if it happened

Just the other day.”

“Well, I must admit that I’m glad I listened to my

Mother who encouraged me to ask you out. She

Knew how I felt about you.  I was crazy about

You since the first time I saw you sitting on

The porch pretending not to be looking at


She laughed.  “So, you knew that I was

Checking you out all the time and that’s

Why you used to look over.  I will always

Be grateful to Lacey for talking me into coming

Over To your house.  Speaking of whom, she

Called this morning to say that she and Tom would

Be more than happy to have our kids sleep over at

Their house for the weekend while you and I

Are in Derbyshire.”

“Remind me to thank them when I see them.”

This weekend I have you all to myself.”

“Yes, it promises to be a very romantic and

Exciting weekend.  You and I get to create new

Memories and discover new and fun things about

Each other.”

“I like the part about discovering each other,”

He murmured before he bent his head and

Pressed his lips against the nape of her neck,

Making her close her eyes at the sensation.

“After being married to you for twenty years, I

Have discovered that True love is spending one day

getting married… and the rest of your life feeling

glad you did.” 

He raised his head to gaze down at her.  “Ditto.”

He murmured before he kissed her.

Sources:  A Lady in London; Good Morning Quote


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