Lost and Found

Claudine and Duke were at a diner having lunch. The last time they saw each other was a couple of weeks ago at his younger brother, Alan’s funeral.  Duke had called her last night to ask her to have lunch with him today.  She was happy to see him. “It’s good to see you, Duke,” … More Lost and Found

Angry With God

Don’t you just love it when your child decides to have a temper tantrum when you’re in the supermarket, a restaurant or anywhere in public?  Some of us feel embarrassed and mortified, especially when we get those “why can’t she control her child?” looks.  We try to deal with the situation as best as we … More Angry With God


They met in Paradise Island.  She had taken a spontaneous trip to the island.  It was to get away for a while.  She had just broken up with Lemarr, the treacherous cur.  He two-timed her with her best friend. She saw them one morning outside of his building, holding hands and kissing.  Not wanting to … More Paradise

Led by God

Roman was in the park, tying the laces on his running shoes when Janice walked up to him.  He glanced up.  “What are you doing here?” he asked. “I’m here to see you, of course,” she replied.  “I missed you yesterday.  We all did, especially the kids.  The annual church picnic just wasn’t the same … More Led by God


The sun meets not the springing bud that stretches towards him with half the certainty that God, the source of all good, communicates himself to the soul that longs to partake of him — William Law True peace comes not from the absence of trouble, but from the presence of God and will be deep … More Partakers

Can’t Deny Love

Sherry really didn’t feel like going to Michelle’s barbecue party, especially since Joel Mallet was going to be there.  He called her “Glamor Puss” which drove her crazy. What was wrong with a woman taking pride in her appearance?  So what if she liked being fashionable and bought designer clothes?  She could afford it.  She … More Can’t Deny Love

Jennie Kidd Trout

What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make – Jane Goodall Today would have been Jennie Trout’s 117th birthday.  I never heard of her until a few minutes ago when I saw an image of her on Google’s logo.  Of course, I had to … More Jennie Kidd Trout