World Leprosy Day

Tens of thousands of people in the world suffer from leprosy, a bacterial infection which affects the skin and destroys nerves.  Since the disease affects the nervous system, the affected areas become numb. People suffering from leprosy cannot feel pain and can easily hurt or injure themselves.  These injuries can become infected and result in tissue … More World Leprosy Day

Starvation in Madaya

Many people in the world today are not starving because there is an inherent inability to produce food, they are starving because they are caught in the middle of political fights and blockades that have been used as weapons – Ralph Merkle I was appalled when I heard about the mother who was giving her 7 month … More Starvation in Madaya


This week on CBC Radio, I heard Canadian chef Michael Smith talking about adding Pulse to your diet.  In fact, he encouraged people to eat less meat and to eat more pulse.  As I listened to him, I thought of Daniel in the Bible who chose to have pulse and water instead of the Babylonian king’s elaborate … More Pulses