Count on me: Sign the pledge to end violence against women

I got this email and wanted to pass the word on.

Greetings from Maitri India!

Did you know that one in three women worldwide has been physically or sexually assaulted by a former or current intimate partner? “Violence against women is a global health problem of epidemic proportions”, says World Health Organization (WHO) Director General, Dr. Margaret Chan.

Recognizing the urgent need to create safe spaces for women in the public and private spheres, Maitri has taken a leadership role in launching a Million Signature Campaign called

“Count on Me: My Pledge to End Violence Against Women.”

Maitri’s goal is to motivate and inspire men and women, boys and girls, to become part of the movement and the solution to End Violence Against Women. Take a stand today and pledge that WE will NOT commit, allow or encourage physical, sexual, verbal, emotional and economic abuse of any form on another being.

Ending violence against women is necessary to the well-being and progress of all society, but this cannot materialize without changing the mindsets that accept violence. This is where YOU come in. You can bring a change – you can be the change. First, click the link below to sign the Count On Me Campaign and take your pledge to never commit, allow, or encourage any form of abuse and to respect all women. Then, please take a moment to share this pledge with your friends and family to help us reach the 1 million mark.

The movement starts with YOU!

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