Gang Rape in New Delhi

I found out from a co-worker that a young woman was gang raped on a bus in New Delhi, India.  I was appalled.  This just confirms my belief that this one of the most dangerous countries for women.  Something needs to be done and fast.  The rights of women are not protected.  I read in an article that the young woman was raped by drunk men who wanted to teach her a lesson because she had been out at night with a man.  She and a young male friend had gone to the movies and were returning home when they were attacked on the bus.  Read more.

I got a petition in an email from The Cause.  If you want to add your voice to this petition to demand change  and call for India’s leaders to take action, here’s your chance.  A woman has the right to lead a normal life without fear of being attacked.  Take action and join the fight to stop violence against women.

THE 50 MILLION MISSING: A Campaign Against India's Female Genocide A new petition from the cause

THE 50 MILLION MISSING: A Campaign Against India’s Female Genocide

Add your voice

It is unacceptable for the leader of any democracy to remain a mute spectator in the face of this scale of violence against women. The change has to begin at the top. The leadership must take personal responsibility and lead the movement for change.

Want to get involved? See this petition on Causes

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