Vision for the End of Violence Against Women

Here is an opportunity that I hope many of you will take advantage of.  What is your vision for ending violence against women?  World Pulse wants to give you the opportunity to use your voice and your vision to raise awareness and bring an end to this epidemic.  Join World Pulse in bringing a global voice to women.

World Pulse

Ending Violence Against Women Campaign Update

What’s your BOLD VISION for ending violence against women?

Through December 10th, World Pulse is collecting your testimonies and solutions for combating gender-based violence. We will channel your voices to media and influencers—-including the United Nations—-to scale up your visions for change.

We want to hear about…

What innovative grassroots solutions are already making a difference in your community

  • Mobile gender courts that prosecute rapists and address impunity in rural areas
  • Initiatives that work with religious leaders to help change violent cultural practices
  • Justice centers for domestic violence survivors

How women are harnessing technology and media to combat violence

  • Programming emergency response numbers in sex workers’ cell phones
  • Launching video/radio campaigns to name and shame perpetrators
  • Implementing citizen-reporting initiatives to map violence regionally

Your vision or bold idea for making your community safer and ending gender-based violence

  • An all women’s police force?
  • Women-only libraries and Internet cafés?
  • Training for men and boys in your community?

Submit YOUR STORY by December 10, 2012 to ensure your voice is heard!

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