Hattie McDaniel

I never knew about Hattie McDaniel until I saw her in Gone With the Wind.  She made history when she won an Oscar for playing Mammy in the Academy award winner for best picture.  She was the first African American to do so.  In her acceptance speech, she said, “I sincerely hope that I shall … More Hattie McDaniel

Pakistan’s Senate Passes Domestic Violence Bill

I read this evening on the website for Violence is Not Our Culture about the passing of domestic violence bill in Pakistan.  VNC congratulated their partners Baidarie Sialkot and Shirkat Gah and other civil society groups and women’s human rights activists who have been campaigning over the past few years to pass this bill. Baidarie … More Pakistan’s Senate Passes Domestic Violence Bill

Saving Face

I was thrilled last night when I saw the documentary, Saving Face win the Oscar.  It was a proud moment for Canadian Pakistani filmmaker, Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy as she made history as Pakistan’s first Oscar winner.  Chinoy hopes that this Oscar win will ignite a flourishing film industry in Pakistan. Saving Face is a documentatry about acid … More Saving Face

The Stolen Cow

by ja c q u e Th e r m iL Roseline lives in a village in northwestern Haiti. She felt rich, for she owned three cows. But she also felt grateful to God for her wealth and had dedicated one of her cows to God. Now the cow was about to give birth, and … More The Stolen Cow

Ida B. Wells

I came across the name Ida B. Wells when I was looking for quotes for Black History Month.  I had not heard about her before.  We have something in common-journalism.  Ida was also a newspaper editor.  She was married to Ferdinand L. Barnett, a newspaper owner.  She was an early leader in the civil rights movement.  She documented lynching … More Ida B. Wells

Whitney Houston

I was shocked and sad when I heard that Whitney Houston was dead.  She was only 48 years old–just a few years older than me.  As I watched coverage on CNN and saw clips of her video The Greatest Love of All my heartfelt condolences went out to her mother Cissy Houston who was featured in … More Whitney Houston


Hailed as America’s first black poet, Phillis Wheatley, was kidnapped from her home in Senegal, Africa and sold into slavery at the age of seven.  By the grace of God, she was bought by John and Susannah Wheatley of Boston, a couple who accepted her as part of the family soon after and was she … More PHILLIS WHEATLEY