For God Alone

Jordy is 12 years old and lives in Ecuador. Although his family has suffered much, he feels that he is blessed, for his parents have shown him how to live for God alone. His mother has a painful disease that has left her unable to walk. In spite of her pain, her love for Jesus shines through everything she does. And last year his father lost his job, so the family had no income. But they don’t blame God for their problems. Instead, they praise Him for providing for their needs.

Jordy’s parents sold their house and moved into a one-room apartment in order to pay for his mother’s medical treatments. But Jordy doesn’t mind. “My mother is more important than any house!” he says. “When we can’t see how we’ll manage, we remind ourselves that God provides for the sparrows. Surely, He will provide for us too. I give my worries to God and let Him handle things. Sometimes we’ve had no food in our house, and when we prayed someone brought us food. I know that God won’t forget us.”

But Jordy doesn’t like to dwell on his family problems. He wants to talk about how God has blessed him and his family. Jordy used to be shy. Then someone invited him to preach in church. He wasn’t sure he could do it, but he agreed to try. “I prayed a lot, and I realized that God can use me to reach people’s hearts. It changed my life!” he says.

Now Jordy preaches often. He loves to tell others what God can do in their lives. He shares his faith with his neighbors and with his classmates at school too. “I want everyone to know that God loves them and has a plan for their lives,” he says. When Jordy’s uncle was married, he invited Jordy to preach the sermon for the wedding. Jordy agreed, but he was shocked to find 800 people at the wedding. He prayed for God’s blessing, and he felt God speaking through him. “Afterward when people thanked me for my sermon, I told them it wasn’t from me; it was from God,” Jordy said. “I don’t want credit for what God does. It’s for God’s glory.”

Jordy wants everyone to know Jesus and love God as he does. “I tell them that they are God’s children; they just didn’t know it until someone
told them.” Jordy has dedicated his life to God alone, and he invites everyone to do the same.  We can share God’s love with others we meet
and through our mission offerings. Thanks for living as Jordy does, for God alone.

Source:  The General Conference Office of Adventist Mission. Web site:

When I read this story I was very touched.  I was especially moved and impressed by Jordy’s mother.  She is suffering from a painful disease which prevents her from walking yet she is not bitter or angry.  Instead she is filled with love for Jesus and it is manifested in her actions.  The family does not grumble and complain because they have no income as a result of Jordy’s father losing his job.  Instead they praise God whom they trust will continue to provide for their needs.  They didn’t hesitate to sell their house and move into a one room apartment so that Jordy’s mother could get her medical treatments.

We could all learn from this family how to not dwell on our problems but instead count our blessings and praise God for His goodness.  Jordy’s mother does not dwell on the fact that she can’t walk.  She does not question why she is suffering with a painful disease.  Jordy’s father lost his job but didn’t lose his faith.  He continues to trust God.

Jordy can see blessings even in the midst of trials and suffering because of his parents who taught him how to live for God alone.  He and his parents put God first.  They don’t worry about how they will get by.  They know that God will help them.  He has come through for them in the past and He will come through for them again and again.

I read a Bible commentary about Matthew Henry and what his reaction was after he was robbed.  He was not angry with God or bitter.  Instead, he offered this prayer:

Lord, I thank You:

That I have never been robbed before.

That although they took my money, they spared my life.

That although they took everything, it wasn’t very much.

That it was I who was robbed, not I who robbed.

He found positive things to say about a negative and unpleasant situation.  How many of us would share his sentiments?  Yet, it would be great if we had this kind of heart.  Jordy and his family still have a lot to be thankful for.  His mother is getting the treatments she needs and he is able to preach about God and what He can do in people’s lives.  God is using Jordy.  And Jordy’s family is a perfect example of Christians whose faith have been tried, tested and proven to be true.  The true test of faith is not being spared heartaches or suffering but being able to rise above these adversities and still see God’s hand in each situation.

Try not to worry about your situation.  Give it to God and He will handle it just as He did for Jordy and his family.  Take Jesus’ advice and not worry about anything but “seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you” (Matthew 6:33).


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