Healthy and Unhealthy Fear

Today’s reading: 2 Chronicles 15:3–6

Additional Scripture Readings: Psalm 27:1; 1 John 4:18

We ought to be thankful for some forms of fear. Fear prompts us to check on the kids in their beds when a sound wakes us at night. Fear makes us grab a child who is toddling out into the street.

Some forms of fear are healthy and provide protection. But when fear becomes the center of our lives, dictating our action or inaction, it ceases to be helpful and becomes a hindrance to our growth. When we shut ourselves away in our homes, insulating our families from the “harm” in the world, we also separate them from interaction in life as well as from the potential good they could accomplish in a world that needs the love of Christ.

In which camp do your fears fall? Does your fear serve you well by protecting you from harm? Or does it hold you and your family back from your God-given potential?

Source:  NIV Devotions For Moms

Fear should protect us and our loved ones from harm.  It should never cripple us to the point where we can’t enjoy life anymore.  God doesn’t want us to live in fear.  Fear should never become the center of our lives–that place should be reserved for God only.  He is greater than all of our fears.  When we hold on to fear, we are letting go of God and basically telling Him that we don’t trust Him or that He is no longer in control of our lives.   We need to cast away the fear which prevents us from interacting with others and accomplishing God’s purpose in our lives.  How can we share the Good News when we shut ourselves up from the rest of the world?

Don’t let fear control you.  Don’t let it rob you of a happy, fulfilling life.  Don’t let it rob you of God’s wonderful plan for your life.  Overcome fear with faith.


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