Send Words of Support to Women Facing Breast Cancer

I got the following email from Care2 and ThePetitionSite Team and wanted to pass it on.

For Mary Lelonde, a mammogram in 2003 was anything but routine. Two small tumors were discovered, and it set in motion a roller coaster of worry, surgery and radiation treatments.

Each year, thousands of Canadians are affected by breast cancer. More research, greater diagnostic tools and better treatment are increasing the odds every day, but still one of the best ways to give hope to someone facing down the disease is the support their families, friends and loved ones.

Anyone who has faced breast cancer, or watched a friend or loved one struggle knows how devastating the diagnosis can be. But they also know how much strength and hope the support of friends and loved ones can provide. »

Fortunately for Mary and her family, she sailed through her treatment with the help of husband, Rick and daughter, Pam. These days she’s paying it back by giving her time and support to other woman facing the disease.

Join Mary in making a difference today: Send your message of support to women across Canada facing breast cancer »

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