Time Wasters

I recently subscribed to NIV devotions for mothers. Bible Gateway emails me a devotional every Monday. I wanted to share the one I got this week because I know that many of us can relate.

Today’s reading: Joshua 10:1-15

Where does your time go? Do you ever look back at the end of the day and wonder? Do you sometimes wish God would stretch your days, as he did for Joshua fighting the enemies of Israel?

One reason you may not have enough time is that you waste the time you do have. Before you go on a guilt trip, think about it.

Do you waste time by overdoing? Why, exactly, does the kitchen have to be spotless every time you leave it? Is there a law that requires that you always wash your car after it rains?

Maybe you waste time by under-planning. Going to the store without a list is okay sometimes, but when you’re planning a big meal for company, you’ll probably have to head back again for overlooked items.

And how about overreacting? Do you have to race to the phone every time it rings? Is it necessary to start wallpapering all over just because you made a tiny mistake or could you force yourself to patch it?

Maybe you can’t make the sun stand still to give you more time. But you can add minutes and hours to your days by trimming time wasters.

Additional Scripture Readings: Psalm 37:5; Matthew 6:34

Source: NIV Devotions for Moms

Other time wasters I can think about and am guilty of are regretting past mistakes and worrying about the future.  How many of us waste time thinking about our past and wishing we could erase our mistakes?  Why waste time over things we cannot change?  Why don’t we simply learn from our mistakes and move on?  And worrying about the future doesn’t help.  We rob ourselves of the present when we look back at the past and look ahead at the future.  Jesus asked His audience why they were wasting time worrying about things such as what to wear and what to eat?  Why were they worrying about the future?  Why didn’t they exercise faith in God who knows their needs and could provide for them?  Why not focus on the present? 

Instead of worrying about tomorrow, live for today.  Enjoy the present.  Spend time with your family or doing something you enjoy.  Read a good book.  Watch a good movie.  Don’t beat yourself up about the past and don’t be anxious about the future.  Don’t waste anymore time.  Remember time is precious. 

The 10 top time wasters are:

  1. Lack of planning, prioritising and focus
  2. Procrastination
  3. Interruptions
  4. Lack of delegation
  5. Meetings
  6. Crisis management, fire fighting
  7. Telephone, email and Internet
  8. Not saying ‘No’
  9. Lack of organisation and untidiness
  10. Not enough time-off or time for yourself

Source:  http://www.business-personal-coaching.com/top10timewasters.html

I encourage you to examine your life and pinpoint what your time wasters are and plan today to take action.   Don’t let these time wasters eat away at any more of your valuable time.  Free up your time.  Ask God to help you.  Learn to prioritize; stop procrastinating; stay focused; learn to delegate.  Moses’ father-in-law encouraged him to get others to take on the workload so that he could focus on the weightier matters; don’t spend too much time on the telephone, email or the Internet; learn to say “no”.  This is not easy but you need to do it for your sanity.  You are not a superhuman.  You can only do so much.  Keep your surroundings tidy and organized.  I find that I work better when my area is organized.  I always keep my work area neat.  Take time for yourself.  You need a break.  You need “me” time.  Jesus took time for Himself.  He spent quiet time with His Father and it always strengthened Him. 

It’s time to stop throwing away your time and to start saving it.  Eliminate those time wasters.  Keep in mind that you can’t recycle wasted time. 




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