Step Up to End Poverty

Canadian Women’s Foundation (CWF) is Canada’s only national public foundation dedicated to improving the lives of women and girls.  This foundation raises money to fund, research and share the best approaches to end violence against women; move low income women out of poverty and empower girls with confidence, courage and critical thinking skills.  The Canadian Women’s Foundation is ranked as one of the ten largest women’s foundations in the world.  Since 1991, CWF has supported over 1000 programs across Canada.

CWF is credited for the following initiatives:

Funding of innovative, grassroots programs in every province and territory with the focus on helping women and girls who have the least access to resources and opportunities.

Leading change for women and girls by bringing together organizations to share research, skills and the most promising practices for ending violence against women; moving low income women out of poverty and empowering girls.

Building communities of women helping women.  CWF connect women who share the foundation’s passion and vision and help them to pool their resources to produce long term change for women, girls and entire communities across Canada.

Commitment to careful stewardship of the foundation’s resources, making sure that their administrative costs stay low so that the donations go directly to programs and research and training.

CWF has two campaigns:  Shelter from the Storm, an annual national fundraising and awareness campaign dedicated to ending violence against women.  The other campaign is Women Moving Women, a ground-breaking movement of 2,500 women donating $2,500 to move 2,500 women out of poverty. Each $2,500 donation will fund a woman’s participation in a life-changing economic development program funded through the Canadian Women’s Foundation. 

CWF uses a holistic approach to help a woman move out of poverty.  For the foundation, it is important that the woman’s journey be one that of self-direction and its focus on building her financial, social and personal assets.  The foundation funds economic programs across Canada that help to build on women’s strengths and enable them to develop the necessary assets that will make them economically independent. 

CWF provides funding for childcare, food, shelter, transportation.  They have economic development programs which help to build trust and bring about real, sustainable change.  There are programs which encourage women to set goals for themselves and build their confidence so that they can achieve these goals.  CWF supports intiatiatives that offer practical on-the-job training and skills development; self-employment training which include business plan development, financing support, marketing, business coaching and peer support.

CWF is always finding new and exciting ways to help to end poverty.  Currently there is a contest called, I Can Achieve from Canesten in partnership with Cityline.  Canesten is celebrating the achievements of real women, and helping to move women out of poverty!  Canadians are voting on the stories that inspired them.  Each time a vote is cast, Canestan donates $1 to Women Moving Women.  It’s not too late to start voting.  Check out:

You can also support the Women Moving Women campaign by taking part in the Step Up to end poverty walk.

Step Up Ricki's logoStep Up for Ricki’s Walk to End Poverty for Women! Sunday, September 25, 2011
Hosted by Ricki’s @ *Malls across Canada

Join Ricki’s associates & participants at malls across Canada for a walk to raise funds to end women’s poverty.

Whether as an individual or part of a team register today and join Ricki’s in their annual drive to raise over $100K to help fund programs which deliver employment training to low-income women. These programs enable women to achieve economic independence. With every $2,500 raised, we can lift one woman (and her children) out of poverty and into a better life. Challenge yourself or your team to take 2,500 steps (about 1 ¼ mi) and raise $1 per step to change the life of one woman and her family for generations to come!

For more information, to donate, or to register, click here.

Other upcoming events that will support the Canadian Women’s Foundation’s Women Moving Women campaign include:

Calgary 2011 Annual Breakfast with Indira Samarasekera, President of the University of Alberta on Thursday, September 22, 2011 at The Westin Calgary

Toronto 2011 Annual Breakfast with guest speaker Gloria Steinem on Wednesday, September 28, 2011 at Metro Toronto Convention Centre.  This event is sold out.

Women Moving Women in the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon on Sunday, October 16, 2011 in Toronto

For more details on these events visit:

Help Canadian Women’s Foundation to fund programs to help women like Catherine get back on her feet.  Catherine was a single mother with little education and no work experience.   

She and her children lived in poverty – some days not having enough to eat. Catherine attended a skills development program supported by the Canadian Women’s Foundation and now works as a successful administrative assistant and group facilitator.

“The confidence and self-esteem I have gained has changed my life. The most beautiful part is that I am now able to connect with other women and help them on their path out of poverty.”

Help Canadian Women’s Foundation to move more women out of poverty and to empower them to take leadership roles in their communities.  When a woman lives in poverty so do her children…We need more success stories like Catherine’s.  We need to change more lives…

If you are interested in supporting or have any questions about the Women Moving Women campaign, you may contact  Leigh Naturkach, the campaign Manager at:


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