I Can Achieve Stories

There is an I Can Achieve contest featuring stories of women who have achieved their goals.  Although I voted for two remarkable women I wanted to share one story.  Tiffany’s.

I had the pleasure of working with Tiffany when she was a counselor in a Shelter for Abused Women and children.  She is one of the sweetest and warmest people I have ever met.  When I first heard her story, I was deeply touched.  Her courage, strength and faith are what make her a phenomenal woman.  She rose above her challenges like a true champion. Here is her story:

Story Title: I was a victim but no longer!! Now I am a woman determined to give all I can to help make the world a more loving and peaceful planet.

My Story: In 2008 my mom and I were both diagnosed with cancer in the same week. She had breast cancer and I had Oropharynx (throat) cancer. I was 39 and she was 61. My sister in law was diagnosed with colon cancer within roughly the same period.

The chemotherapy and radiation treatment saved my life but one week after I finished my 35th radiation treatment I lost my greatest love and best friend, my mom to the cancer. I was so incredibly sick and had such low blood counts from my treatment that I was not able to visit her in the hospital because of the risk to my own life. By the time I finally insisted that I be taken to her (my own health be damned), she was unconscious. I never got to speak to her again. The pain of losing her was the greatest and deepest pain I have ever known.

My sister in law Catherine was taken from us months later. Being with her in the last few moments of her life was absolutely gut wrenching. She had become so very sick I barely recognized her when I got to the hospital.

In 2009 I tested positive for the BRCA 1 breast cancer gene. As a result I had a hysterectomy in Sept 2010 and a double mastectomy and reconstruction in Nov 2010. One of my baby sisters is about to have the same surgery on Sept 1st of this year. I am scared, but we will get through it.

I now know that after coming so very close to death from treatment in 2008 that I need to do my part in making a difference for the women of our world and on a grander scale. As a result I have been doing fundraising and have been honored to be on TV, radio and in newspapers for the “Walk to End Women’s Cancers” and the “Taking Steps against Breast Cancer” Walk.

My other passion is called “A Celebration of Women”. It is a Global Women’s Advocacy Foundation that celebrates Women around the world. My goal is to help them fundraise so we can empower women worldwide to take action in creating global equality.

Watch out world cause when I am passionate about something there is no telling what may happen.

If you like Tiffany’s story, you can cast your vote at http://contests.citytv.com/icanachieve/story.aspx?sid=792

In her story, Tiffany mentioned that A Celebration of Women is one of her passions.  The other story I voted for was written by the founder and CEO of A Celebration of Women, Catherine Anne Clark.  You can read her story at http://contests.citytv.com/icanachieve/story.aspx?sid=813

Cast your vote  each day for your favorite story so that one of these women has a better chance of winning.  Every time you vote, Canesten will donate $1.00 to the Canadian Women’s Foundation to help them in their goal to improve the lives of women and girls across Canada.


Tiffany wearing a big smile as she raises funds for the fight against breast cancer


2 responses to “I Can Achieve Stories

  1. Anna Lopes has a wonderful story as well (entered into this contest). She started a charity called Million Dollar Smiles, about 4 years ago that helps children with cancer and other life threatening illnesses. One of the great things this charity does is build playgrounds in the back yards of children who can’t go to public parks. It is a volunteer supported non-profit group and so does not get corporate dollars. Winning a cash prize for Million Dollar Smiles means Anna can help more children who face medical challenges every day. Please consider casting a vote for Anna Lopes at


    • Thanks for letting us know about Anna’s story. I visited the site and read about the work she had been doing and the lives she has changed. I was very touched. My prayer is that Million Dollar Smiles will get the financial support it needs so that Anna can help more children.

      Admin, Notes to Women


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