Gabby’s Gift

Today, a friend encouraged me to watch a video of her daughter Gabrielle.  As I watched it, tears came to my eyes because I knew something of the challenges this mother had to go through but I also knew that she did not go through them alone.  She had God, her husband and friends to help her get her through this.  During this time, she kept a journal which has become a book called, Gabby’s Gift.  This is a story that needs to be told.  It is of a mother’s journey and a little girl who is a fighter and truly a blessing and a gift from God.

I remember when this precious little girl was dedicated to the Lord.  What a touching moment that was.  I never knew about Spina Bifida until I met Gabby.  Today, her mother is working tirelessly to raise awareness and to make a difference.

Notes to Women celebrates Sharon Ennis, a strong, godly woman and mother of a beautiful little angel whose life is a powerful testimony of the love, strength and grace of God who loved and knew her even before she was born.  We also celebrate Gabrielle who is a true champion.

I encourage you to purchase a copy of Gabby’s Gift and read about hope in the heart of a child.  It’s available at


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