Mother’s Day

Today I enjoyed the annual Mother’s Day tea with my three year old son at his daycare.  It was wonderful seeing the children sitting down with their teachers and singing songs about “Mommy” and hearing the reasons why they loved their Mommies.  Some of the reasons included chocolate, clothes, cleaning up rooms, spending time and going to Walmart.  Afterwards we went to our children’s classrooms for juice and goodies.  The rooms were nicely decorated with pictures, handprints and flower pots lined the shelf.  Mothers and grandmothers sat at the brightly covered tables with centrepieces and teachers chatted with them about their children’s overall progress.  It was a very pleasant afternoon.

I am blessed to be able to enjoy Mother’s day.  My thoughts and heart go out to the mothers who are not able to celebrate this special day because they are struggling to make ends meet.  They are struggling to feed their children.

I read about Clessence,  a twenty-nine-year-old mother of a girl and a boy. Before she joined the Women for Women International program, Clessence performed manual labor and cultivated others’ gardens so she could have a source of food.  Watch the rest of her story. 

Another 29 year old mother named Adele (my namesake) has five children and only a third grade education and lives with her husband and children in a mud house without water or electricity.   She enrolled in Women for Women International’s DR Congo program in March 2010.  The funds she received from her sponsorship were used to sell avocados and bananas.  Two of her five children are in school but Adele needs help saving money so that she could send the others to school.

Read the stories of mothers like Khadija who hopes to “have my own income-generation project in the future, to support other women and girls” ; Philomena, the mother of many who always looks “forward to attending Women for Women International,” she says, “because it lifts my spirit and gives me the drive to work harder to improve my life” or Gertrude, a mother whose goals include community building and raising her boys to be supportive of women.

This Mother’s Day, why don’t you honor an amazing mother you know with a special kind of Mother’s Day card–one which will help women in war-torn countries who are rebuilding their lives while grieving lost husbands and children?   Help to make this Mother’s Day a special day for these mothers.


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